Trigonometry Homework #1 due 2-9

In 1-6, divide the polynomials.

1. \frac{9u^4+6u^3+4u+4}{3u^2+2u+2}

2. \frac{x^3+a^3+4a^2x+4ax^2}{x+2a}

3. \frac{6t^4+ct^3-c^3t+c^4}{2t^2+ct+c^2}

4. \frac{x^6+x^5+x^3+x+1}{x^4-x^2+1}

5. \frac{x^4+a^4}{x^2+a^2}

6. \frac{x^6-a^6}{x^2+ax+a^2}

7. When x^3-7x+4 is divided by the polynomial D(x), the quotient is x^2-3x+2 and the remainder is -2. Find D(x).

8. Find k so that when x^3+kx^2-kx+1 is divided by x-2, the remainder is 0.

9. Find k so that when x^3+kx^2+k^2x+14 is divided by x+2, the remainder is 0.

10. When 3x^2-5x+c is divided by x+k, the quotient is 3x+1 and the remainder is 3. Find c and k.