Trigonometry Homework #9 due 5-4

Graph the following functions.

1. y=\sec\left[\frac{1}{2}\left(x+\frac{\pi}{3}\right)\right]

2. y=2\sec{x}+3

3. y=\frac{\csc(\pi{x})}{2}

4. y=\csc\left(x-\frac{\pi}{4}\right)

5. y=\cot(2\pi{x})-1


Trigonometry Classwork 4-24

Consider the unit circle…

Recall that each central angle measure corresponds to a terminal point, expressed as x- and y-coordinates. For example, the terminal point of 270° is (0,-1). Define a function that models this relationship and graph it in degrees. Then graph it in radians.

After you’ve drawn your graphs, check out the applets here. Are any of them demonstrating the function that you just graphed? What’s the name of that function?

more triangle trigonometry questions

  1. Calculate the area of a regular octagon inscribed in a unit circle.
  2. In quadrilateral ABCD, AB=3, BC=4, CD=5, and DA=6. The length of diagonal BD is 7. Calculate the length of the other diagonal.
  3. From the top of an observation post that is 90 meters high, a ranger sights a campsite at an angle of depression of 10°. Turning in a different direction, the ranger sees another campsite at an angle of depression of 13°. The angle between these two sight lines is 35°. How far apart are the campsites?