Introduce students to elements of game design

  • Use this slide:

Core Elements(1)

  • You can use familiar games to introduce game elements; this makes a fairly abstract concept much more concrete.
  • Have the class identify the elements of soccer (or any other game that most students would have basic knowledge of). The space is the field, the components are players, a ball, and goals, the mechanics are kicking and running, etc.
  • Split the class up into groups of 2 or 3 and ask them to change 1 element of the familiar game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ask some groups to demonstrate their “hack” of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Did changing 1 element effect the other elements?

Step 0: Familiarize yourself with Scratch

Step 1: Introduce students to elements of game design

Step 2: Introduce students to Scratch

Step 3: Focus on core content ideas for game design

Step 4: Determine elements for the game

Step 5: Flowchart the game

Step 6: Code & test!



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