Trigonometry Classwork 4-24

Consider the unit circle…

Recall that each central angle measure corresponds to a terminal point, expressed as x- and y-coordinates. For example, the terminal point of 270° is (0,-1). Define a function that models this relationship and graph it in degrees. Then graph it in radians.

After you’ve drawn your graphs, check out the applets here. Are any of them demonstrating the function that you just graphed? What’s the name of that function?


Trigonometry Homework #6 due 3-23

For each equation below, determine whether it is true for all possible values of the variables or not and explain your answer. Ignore values of the variables for which any term is undefined.

1. \log \left (\frac{x}{y} \right )= \frac{\log{x}}{\log{y}}

2. \log_2 (x-y) = \log_2 x - \log_2 y

3. \log_5 \left (\frac{a}{b^2} \right )= \log_5 a - 2 \log_5 b

4. \log 2^z = z \log 2

5. (\log P)(\log Q)= \log P + \log Q

6. \frac{\log a}{\log b}= \log a - \log b

7. (\log_2 7)^x =x \log_2 7

8. \log_a a^a =a

9. \log (x-y) = \frac{\log x}{\log y}

10. -\ln \left (\frac{1}{A} \right )=\ln A