Homework due Wednesday (MR2-1) or Thursday (MR2-3)

1. Graph y=-5cos(4x)

2. Find an equation for the function

3. Evaluate \csc\frac{3\pi}{2}


The Tangent Function, Reciprocal Trig Functions, and Extra Credit

Remember how I said that if you memorize the coordinates of the terminal points for the special angles, you can evaluate any trig function value for a special angle? That’s because all trig functions can be expressed in terms of sine and cosine:





EXTRA CREDIT: Prove any of these equations geometrically.

Surviving the World – Lesson 1373 – Learning

There’s more than one path to knowledge; it’s not always the same knowledge once you get there, either. But if you think it was easy to get there, you’re not at the destination you think you’re at.

Comment from my mom (also a math teacher): “…the key to enjoying life (or math or whatever knowledge you are trying to gain) is to appreciate your time in the maze!”

Surviving the World – Lesson 1373 – Learning.