Rational Functions Unit

In this unit, you’ll be designing a better ice cream pushup pop and justify your design in a presentation.

Project Scenario

In addition to the final group project, each member of the group must also hand in a written explanation of the math behind your design.

You may also want to complete the American Foods, Inc. Adapted Knowledge Rating Scale Vocabulary Development , which is a long, ugly name for a simple concept. You don’t have to fill it out, but it is probably a good way to reflect on your understanding of the language of math. It follows, then, that copying definitions out of the textbook or somewhere else probably isn’t a great idea, the AFIAKRSVD will be much more helpful if you use your own words.

Here is something that may help you organize your work: Know-Need to Know Log

You may want to think about how to divide up the labor among the members of the group. The American Foods, Inc. Team Roles might help you think about the best way to do that.

bubbl.us can be a good way to organize your ideas, brainstorm, and create concept maps. Here is a concept map about functions that I created using it:

this is obviously only a beginning - how could it be expanded?










Good luck with this first project! Try not to get too frustrated or lost, while realizing that no one ever discovered anything meaningful without some frustration and wandering around in the dark first.







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